Hoods, TonneauX, Sidescreens

Hoods, tonneaux covers and side screens are all the little necessities which help to protect your car against the elements.

Even if seldom used, when deployed 'all weather equipment' is subject to huge stresses and strains. It is often forgotten that 60-100mph wind speeds are responsible for serious structural damage to buildings, yet this is what many vintage cars are expected to tolerate without failure.

For this reason alone, attention to design and robustness of weather equipment is a priority task during restoration at VBE.

Clients are offered a variety of materials, colours and fastenings which can all be specified during discussion with our experienced staff. Various configurations of tonneaux are possible to suit individual usage.

Our experienced Trim Shop is capable of working on a variety of marques, not just Bentley restorations.

If you're unsure, why not contact us with your query and we will be more than happy to help.