VBE rebuilds all types of Bentley gearboxes; fitting new bearings and gears as required.

Closer ratio gears can be specified or a conversion to “constant mesh” (Dog Box) which allows for easier and quicker gear changes without double de-clutching. Modern Sealing arrangements greatly reduce the usual oil leakage from the casing.

Rear Axle overhauls can include new heavy duty half shafts, bearings, gears, sleeves and crown wheel & pinion. The latter can be specified to any of the originally available ratios. VBE will help to calculate the most suitable ratios to suit customer requirements.

An alternative to fitting a higher axle ratio, to raise the comfortable cruising speed, is to fit an overdrive. Modern sealing arrangements are incorporated to eliminate the frequent occurrence of axle oil leaks to the rear brakes so common with the original Acme Scroll seals.