Need a vintage Bentley engine rebuilt or converted?

At VBE Restorations we have a wealth of experience in rebuilding 3L, 4L and 6L cylinder Bentley engines. We can overhaul or rebuild the entire engine to original specification, including white metal bearings. Or as an alternative; install new con-rods & crankshaft with modern shell bearings.

We usually recommend the latter for several reasons;

1. After 80 + years (and countless stress reversals the connecting rods & crankshaft have endured), renders them liable to breakage with catastrophic results.

2. The cost of re-metalling -  not just the white metal but new bronze shells are usually required as well.

3. New components and shells are more durable. We supply our own design of crankshaft and con-rods which are superior to the originals - designed especially for us by an ex - Jaguar designer.

As well as rebuilding engines to standard original condition, VBE Restorations specialises in engine conversions and can accomodate;

  • A conversion from a 3 litre to a 4.5 litre
  • A conversion from a 4.5 litre to a 5.3 litre
  • A conversion from a 3 litre to a 5.3 litre

Additionally; 6.5 litre and Speed Six engines can be upgraded / converted to an 8.0 litre, which provides a disproportionately large increase in performance with the added bonus of little visual change under the bonnet. This can be reversed but once the prodigious increase in power is experienced, it is an unlikely decision.